Alpha Software Desktop Work Freelancer -Dave Mason

I am one of the Freelance members that does Alpha Software on the Desktop.

Most of my business is for small businesses wishing to keep their data off the web and out of the cloud.  They wish an application that runs reliably and quickly with from one and up users without a hitch.  I have the latest A5 V12 developer and Runtime as well as a few older versions to be able to bring applicarions from A3, A4 and early A5 versions to where my client needs them.  I have a trove of already written functions to utilize as needed to cut time in development and lots of applications to go back to as needed. 

I also  create applications that I sell on the web as downloads where you buy, download and install. 

I offer a 90 day bug removal for all work and "optionally" a yearly maintenance program.  

Work is figured by the hour, but you get a real close estimate of final hours and cost up front.  All estimates for any work from anybody starts with a hourly rate.  
After computing estimated cost, billing is done by an application built with Alpha.   An invoice is sent each Friday or as agreed.  Easy payment plans to get you as far as you want to go or to completion. 

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Alpha Software Desktop Build/Repair/Upgrade




Do you have an Alpha Software Desktop Application?

Need a new Windows Desktop application?  

Our Freelancers will provide Free estimates, Skype and other Support, World Wide coverage, Cost Effective rates.

For the support and building of desktop applications built using the following versions of the
Rapid Application toolkit from the Alpha Software Corporation.
Versions A3 through A5V12/AA,  V3 - V4 would need to be taken to V5 in most cases.  A5 V1- A5V9 will usually need to be moved up for later windows operation. 


There is no reason to spend the money to buy alpha v12(AA) and then spend countless hours building or updating your application to be able to use windows7 or windows10.  Let a Freelance make your life less hard and probably less expensive.
V9      Version 9 was a major change to the RAD toolkit. We have Run Time development facilities for this version. No longer supported by Alpha.
V10.5  Version 10 went through an extended time of development which ended up with V10.5. Most have the Run Time for this. No longer supported by Alpha.
V11     Version 11 is the last version of the old style Alpha Software. The latest version had a name change "Alpha Anywhere". Partially supported by Alpha.
AA      We are also able to support Alpha Anywhere  Desk Top applications remotely using Team Viewer or other Remote Data Connection. Fully supported by Alpha.

 We can also convert earlier versions of Alpha.

If you have some software which you used and liked written in a previous DOS version of Alpha and still have the basic data and tables,we can do something for you to get it running again using the Run Time versions of v9, 10.5, 11 and 12(AA). This means that you don't need to buy the latest version of Alpha Software.  Your Freelancer could provide you with a runtime install to run your “new” application.We will provide all that is necessary under the Alpha Licensing agreement for these versions for you to run your application.

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From Alpha Software to Instant Developer

Let me put my cards on the table - I am a long term Alpha Software user and have fully paid up versions from the old DOS days to version 11 - all Desk Top (DT) development. More recently I needed an RAD Webapp construction tool with the speed and flexibility of the Alpha DT environment, so Alpha Anywhere (AA) was my first port of call. As Alpha users will know, from V9 it was shipped with a local Web Application Server (WAS) to enable users to practise using Alpha as a Webapp development tool. It was OK and worked up to the point that you needed to do something which was not included in the box you kept your DT ideas in, and that meant learning a whole new way of using Alpha. Simple stuff is easy using the DBF file structure so for trial purposes it works and is pretty slick on your personal PC.

I would have stuck with Alpha for Webapps but for four things;

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How Freelancer Websites Work

How Freelancer Sites Work
For the Freelancer, sites work in a lot of ways

  1. Most will require a membership where they verify the email or more.
  2. Most do not require a fee up front for work.
  3. Most will Take from 5% to 15% of the price charged to the client
  4. Most will offer top billing on the bidding process for a fee.
  5. Most offer the freelancer premium status for a fee per month. 
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Website Security

Ever get too many bad visitors?

I Created a new website and had over 1000 visitors everyday as soon as it went up.  Searching the new domain name showed it to be a 10 year old site and was considered a real good one.  Searching a bit more showed it had pretty good traffic built, so no problem, right?

Wrong.  As a standard, I keep a visitor counter on most websites to be sure of traffic.  I just don't trust of site counters because they have been proven innacurate. 

Now the reality.  I added Akeeba Admin to the website and spent the time to configure it.  Added The honeypot to catch and stop all the spammers and scammers.  Added a bit of code as instructed to stop php injection.  Ran a number of tests to be sure of no injections and no virus lurking in nooks and crannies in the back end. 

Funny thing.  The traffic dropped by about 75% where people were coming and going and trying to find ways into the back of the website. 

My take on this is, one must have great security or risk eventual compromises.

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